Chasing dreams, pressing the snooze button.
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Food trip with these peeps. I will not get fat! Haha.

Food trip with these peeps. I will not get fat! Haha.

That feeling

When it’s not really your fault. But it feels like it is. And you take the blame anyway.

That feeling

When you don’t know what to do, so you end up hating yourself instead.

They sang parts of the Japanese version last night, and Armi looked a lot like Hikki. It was a pleasant surprise.

Dream - 8/14

Woke up from a very vivid dream today.

We were in Boracay (albeit modified), workmates, college and Bisdak friends. There were some teambuilding activities during the day. And a Harry Potter meet and greet in the afternoon. I managed to get my HP book signed, and took a groupie with Harry and Hannah T. (coz my phone’s battery was dead, and it was in real life). We were first in line and were Harry’s fave fans. Haha.

I shared my room with college friends, Mhealler, Carlo, Jingkay. Carlo got sick from studying too much law. Jingkay brought her own portable aircon with her. Mhealler was rowdy and hyperactive. After coming back from the HP event, I went back to the HP event to see how Harry was and he looked tired, and the line was now super long. I sat in the area where Rhys and Zarah and their friends were sitting, and heard them talk behind my back how people are taking over their spot. So I walked out. Haha. I went back to the room and saw Jingkai doing a demo of her portable aircon.

Then Justin knocks on the door, looking for people who wanted to drink by the beach. This was at around 11PM, so I said yes. Gil didn’t want to go because he was tired. For some reason, we got to the only open bar at 3AM already, and they were cleaning up and getting ready to close, but they said we could still order beer but can only drink them outside. We were fine because we wanted to drink by the beach anyway.

So we drank, and the feeling of drinking at dawn by the beach was amazing. I felt at peace. Haha. On the way home, I saw a nice table lamp, and I asked if I could keep it, and they said yes. So I took it home with me.

Then I saw several people at the airport carrying the same lamp…and I woke up.

The end.

Zankyou no Terror ◈ Characters

I feel like I have to rewatch the last episode before watching the new ones. Just so that there’s continuity. Hehe.

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Im twins & Lee twins enjoying strawberries ♥

I just melted. This is too cute. 

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srsly I love this

Ugh, I can’t wait for the next episode!


Zankyou no Terror: voice actors, Soma Saito (Twelve) and Ishikawa Kaito (Nine) having a video and rockin’ out dem dance skills. (No english subs tho. Sumimasen.) 

Haha! Sphinx 1 and 2 in real life.

Naru x Hina 

Naru x Hina 

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Competitive Naru. Haha.

Competitive Naru. Haha.

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旅立ちの空 by Rella // Odaiba Day ‘14

Because Digimon > Pokemon. So sorry. Haha.

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the fuck

*distant noises of shattered hopes and dreams*

wow we advanced over the years how disappointing 8 year olds don’t remember something from 30 years before they were born

that last kid though

Where my gadget deprivation started back in grade school. Haha.

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